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Meet Your Bridal Expert

Hello! I'm Kimberly

I’m Kimberly, an American hairstylist living in Scotland who’s mission is to help destination wedding brides by eliminating their stress when searching for a reliable Bridal Hair expert. I've been told that I radiate a calm energy throughout the entire planning process and on your wedding day.



  • mom of 3, Grace, Oliver, & our newest addition Minnie (Black Labrador puppy)

  • Outside of work, I am an Introvert that loves to go out and enjoy nature walks or stay in wearing cosy clothes and a hair mask while spending time with my family

  • I LOVE a good podcast - Send me your favourite recommendations

  • My wardrobe consists of mainly Black pieces and comfortable trainers/boots. It's cliché hairstylist closet contents I know, however it simplifies my laundry day in a house of 5... so I'll take the small win!


  • 1994: the year I got Batman Shampoo for Christmas along with a kids desk that converted into a hairdressing Station. This was the beginning of 'styling Barbies' (more like ruining their plastic hair by matting and brushing it, then begging my parents for a replacement)

  • 15: years I’ve been a licensed cosmetologist! I fell in love with hairstyling while attending Paul Mitchell The School in Orlando, Florida

  • 2014: The year I relocated from the US to the UK.

  • 8: amount of years since beginning my International Hair Business

  • 300+ amount of brides I’m lucky enough to have invited me to their most memorable day!


Planning for your Destination Wedding that you’ll remember for years to come can become overwhelming. My brides understand my goal for you is to have an unforgettably simple, calm and pampering experience with me from the moment you book up until your wedding day!

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